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Enhance Your Workflow From Extraction to PCR. Read more below to understand the workflow.

Laboratory Information System Tailored For PCR: PCRprep is a laboratory information system specifically designed for PCR workflow. This includes updating your inventory count, managing assays, creating protocols, and generating paperwork.

Easily fill in your inventory by selecting popular items from our store.

Populate Your Inventory: Select commonly used products from our store to add to your inventory with ease of use. We are continuing to increase the selection of extraction and PCR products that you may use in your lab.

Create and manage your assays and panels.

Design Your Tests: Create and assign each assay with their required reagents and controls. You can then group multiple assays into a panel/test code.

Design your extraction protocols and thermal cycler settings.

Assign Your Protocols Create and assign extraction protocols for each batch of samples. For PCR processes assign each one with the required thermal cycler settings that you can modify.

Generate and fill extraction paperwork for a batch of samples.

Extract Sample Batches After generating a batch, you can then assign each sample their sample ID as well as modify each of their assays required for testing.

Select extracted samples to generate PCR paperwork.

Generate PCR Paperwork: Once samples have been confirmed to be extracted, you can select each sample you wish to add to a process for PCR.

Have an overview of your entire inventory and workflow.

Manage Your Dashboard: Keep contant track of your inventory and progress of each workflow. Easily access and update your inventory all in one view. Recieve email notifications on what is expired or requires resupply.

Implement Without The Investment

Start As A Free User: Below you can see the limits you have as a free user. Later on, should you find PCRprep to be worth the investment you may upgrade to premium limits for 300 USD per month.

Limits Freemium Premium
Assays 10 1000
Controls 30 5000
Panels 15 2000
Batches 30 50000
Processes 15 50000

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We're aiming for the best product: Our goal is to build the best Laboratory Information System specifically tailored for PCR. Lab workers from all levels of experience should be able to find PCR a seamless process without the worries of logistics.

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